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  1. Considerer
    Considerer February 11, 2015 at 1:10 am | | Reply

    Oh dear! Your poor, marooned lady parts!

    I already wrote about my sex dream…I’ll ping you the link, though I think you might have seen it way back when…

    (hint, my itch didn’t get scratched, either, and THAT was Husby’s fault…)

  2. Michelle
    Michelle February 11, 2015 at 5:01 am | | Reply

    Oh sweetheart..here’s to hoping you get laid in 2015!!!

    What would I name a sex toy? How about the ‘Shhh..it’s okay…why don’t you take a nap while I do the dishes’.

  3. April
    April February 11, 2015 at 9:36 am | | Reply

    weirdest sex dream….let’s see, it had to have been when I was pregnant with my daughter. I dreamt that we (my husband and I) went to a restaurant. It was a sit down place, not fancy dress, but not ratty jeans and a tank top either. In the middle of this nice place was a giant play center thing. You know when you go to chuck e cheese, and they have the tube system that the kids climb in? Yeah, it was one of those, but it broke off into these little open rooms, where everyone was getting busy.

    So I was involved in this big orgy thing, in the middle of an open room, in a big climbing toy. Pregnant

    Sex toy names.., Russell the love muscle!

  4. Eva
    Eva February 12, 2015 at 9:48 am | | Reply

    Talk about your loaded questions! thinking….thinking….I DO like fudgsicles and I guess they could make do as a sex toy. Although clean-up would be a nightmare. How’s that for a sexy (bad) dream?

  5. Foxy Wine Pocket
    Foxy Wine Pocket February 12, 2015 at 10:46 pm | | Reply

    I’m going to have to get back to you about the sex dream. I never remember mine. But I did have a dream about storing popcorn in my vagina. I didn’t put any fudgesicles in there tho.

  6. Val
    Val February 13, 2015 at 1:36 pm | | Reply

    I only have this to say about Hershey’s syrup: DON’T…GO…THERE!!!
    Maybe if both partners had Brazilians??!!??

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