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  1. Considerer
    Considerer February 13, 2015 at 7:06 pm | | Reply

    Ohhhhhhhh dear a lot! I’m clearly gonna have to check out this Naptime Thoughts. I know Beth raves about them, and now you, too – too much recommendation to ignore.

    But your STORY! Ohhhhboy! I mean, at least you WERE there for the scans. And you hadn’t inadvertently wandered into a dentist’s office or something.

    My favourite swimsuit once went see-through. But I was only about 9 at the time, so I’m not sure it counts.

    I had to undergo dildo-cam when they were investigating my fertility status. After hearing all the TERRIFYING HORROR STORIES about it, I’m afraid I found it rather underwhelming. Not a pleasant experience, by any means, but not awful.

  2. Naptimethoughts
    Naptimethoughts February 14, 2015 at 6:37 am | | Reply

    @Considerer– exposed nip and embarrassment=TOTALLY COUNTS as naked story.
    OMG, Jana, there are tears running down my cheeks. That is the funniest story ever. Lesson learned: Never expose hoohaa unless asked. And even then, make sure the peach is really supposed to be on display. That must have been the worst several minutes– laying on the table with your pants down, ladygarden on display for any and all to see, because what do you do? If you pull your pants up then, what do you say?
    “Sorry about that, she just needed a little air”.
    Or maybe
    “Just got a Brazillian, and WHEW! those pants were killing me”.
    Count your blessings that there wasn’t an urgent message for the doctor or tech. I completely feel your pain.
    Maybe they thought you were more comfortable that way? Maybe they thought your ass was hot? Those tables are nice and cool, after all.
    You’re not alone, I’m sure the rheumatologist retells my story to every single person he hires as part of orientation.
    These days, I don’t even go into the several town surrounding his office, let alone ANYWHERE near the scene of the crime. I’ll drive the half hour around, just to make sure. Juuuuuust to make sure.

    1. Considerer
      Considerer February 14, 2015 at 5:22 pm | | Reply

      Still, I feel like I haven’t lived enough. Meh – I got time. I’m sure some kind of inappropriate nakey story will happen at some point.

  3. Eva
    Eva February 14, 2015 at 8:57 am | | Reply

    oh that is too funny! I could picture you there…well that may be a bit unwholesome for this early in the morning…let’s say you painted the picture very well. And I followed the Naptime blog – thanks for the suggestion. Now go eat a couple pounds of chocolate dammit!

  4. Aussa Lorens
    Aussa Lorens February 14, 2015 at 12:09 pm | | Reply

    I am DYING but only because I have toooootally done something just like this! The first time I ever went to the lady doctor I ended up bare ass naked on the table, clutching the drape because I had COMPLETELY missed the gown. I just kept telling myself this was normal and the reason women never wanted to go to the gyno. Then the tech walks in and literally flies back against the wall, throwing her hands up, doing everything short of yelling “my eyes, my eyes!”

    1. Naptimethoughts
      Naptimethoughts February 14, 2015 at 12:55 pm | | Reply

      Have you posted about it? Inquiring minds want to know…

  5. Sandy Ramsey
    Sandy Ramsey February 14, 2015 at 4:43 pm | | Reply

    OH my! I wish I could say I wasn’t sitting her laughing but I can’t. I would have been mortified and probably would have stayed in that bathroom forever. In your defense, they could have at least explained the procedure to you but then this blog post wouldn’t have happened and I wouldn’t be laughing so hard I have to cross my legs!

  6. Outlier Babe
    Outlier Babe February 20, 2015 at 10:07 am | | Reply

    Came over from naptimethoughts.

    I didn’t laugh, despite how very well you wrote the post. Instead, I cringed with you. You wrote the experience up beautifully, and made it as funny as it could be, but it should never have happened, of course. The medical folk present were disgusting, frankly, in their attitude toward and treatment of you.

    Had they looked at you as their peer–not in skills, but in being a person rather than a product–they would have explained to you beforehand, briefly, simply, what was going to happen, setting your expectations. You would have never dropped your drawers. Or, at the point you began to shuck, any one of them would have immediately called out “Ms. X, no–no need!” and explained THEN what was going to happen.

    I’ve never exposed my cooch, but I have often over the years, when I was younger, misunderstood what was expected of me during medical exams and tests because nothing whatsoever was explained. I have been terribly embarrassed by this, and the medical personnel did nothing to ease my embarrassment.

    Now I notice that there is an improvement, sometimes. SOME techs and doctors, at SOME facilities, do a better job. Yay. About d#mn time.

    Enjoyed your post. Like to get my dander up. Have a temper, I do.

    –O. Babe

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