About Me

Yes, I've been called a witch.

Yes, I’ve been called a witch.

I’m Jana  – and I’ve never been the quiet sort. From the time I was a toddler and could string two words together, I always had something to say. Often, my propensity for talking got me into trouble at school and even with family and friends. I eventually found a career in radio that embraced and encouraged my talkative nature and I discovered that people loved to hear stories, especially when the story was true – “warts and all” as my grandmother would say.

I’ve also been in therapy for a good portion of my life – dealing with childhood issues, traumatic events, bad relationships, and periodic depression. I’ve had therapists tell me I must be repressing memories, that I haven’t “acknowledged my inner, damaged child,” and that I avoid dealing with feelings and emotions. Much of it is bullshit, some of it is on target — but I’m getting weary of therapy in general.

This blog is a forum for me to share my stories with you (and hopefully entertain you) while dealing with my past and present shit in a creative fashion instead of growing old on that tiny couch in my therapist’s office. It’s also a place where I can interact with my readers — which is important for me, because for someone with such a chatty nature, I’m also kind of anti-social, shy, and unsure of myself in real life. My promise to you is that I’ll never have a time limit on allowing comments — and I’ll read each and every one of them!

One word of warning: like my mother and her mother before her, I tend to repeat my stories over and over again without realizing it – so for GOD’S SAKE – Stop Me if I Told You This!